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Shandong Bozhong Vacuum Technology  Co., Ltd.

Add:No.37 Bozhong Road,Ma Shang Town,Zhang Dian District,Zibo City,Shandong Province



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Shandong Bozhong Vacuum Technology  Co., Ltd


Add:No.37 Bozhong Road,Ma Shang Town,Zhang Dian District,Zibo City,Shandong Province






About us

About us

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SHANDONG BOZHONG VACUUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (former name Zibo Bozhong Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd) is one of the most professional manufacturers in China, which produces the water ring vacuum pumps, the Roots pumps and vacuum package units and vacuum driers etc. It locates in the famous historical city of Qi&Lu dynasty-Zibo city. The company is next to the 205 national highway in the east and the expressway from Binzhou to Boshan in the west. It is next to the 309 national highway in the south and the railway from Qingdao to Jinan in the north. So the traffic is convenient and the information is transmitted rapidly.

In March, 2002, SHANDONG BOZHONG VACUUM TECHNOLOGY  CO., LTD . was founded. Accompanying with its growth, it has attracted more and more advanced techniques and persons of ability. The professional staff make the superexcellent products. The quality policy of Shandong Bozhong company is leaded by the science and technology, seeking for the perfect, putting the clients' satisfaction and the excellent quality of the product to the first, obeying the promise and guarantee and improving itself continually. In 2002, the company had initially passed the ISO9001:2000 QMS certificate. Furthermore, nine types of the water ring vacuum pumps had obtained the safety symbol certificate issued by the National Mine Products Safety Symbol Office. 2008, LG series screw vacuum pump won the national utility model patent. 2012, Bozhong was jointly identified as" High-tech Enterprises" by the Shandong provincial Science & Technology Department, Finance Department, State Taxation Bureau and local Taxation Bureau. On March 15th, 2014, the company declared “Zibo City Screw Vacuum Pump Engineering Technology Center", "Hefei University of Technology - Bozhong Vacuum Production & Study & Research Base" formally founded. At present, Bozhong won 24 national practical new patent certificates and 8 invention patent certificates including multistage Roots vacuum pump, MVR pump etc. In November 2015, Bozhong was awarded the honorable title of" Model Home of Workers" by all-China Federation of Trade Unions; in November 2015, Bozhong became a corporate member of China Vacuum Society. In January 2016, Bozhong is hired as vice chairman unit of the “Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology” Council.

After over ten years of development, SHANDONG BOZHONG VACUUM TECHNOLOGY  CO., LTD . has grown to be the domestic leading manufacturer specializing in the production of water ring vacuum pump, Roots water ring vacuum pump and package units. The whole area of the company is 11,800 square meters and the building area is 7,500 square meters. SHANDONG BOZHONG VACUUM TECHNOLOGY  CO., LTD grows rapidly and it is regarded as the new star corporation with the most development potential in Zibo by the relative local governmental entities. It has obtained some certificates such as "the corporation concession that it is not necessary to be examined by the ZiBo Industrial and Commercial bureau in 2005", "the Reliable and Faithful Corporation of ZiBo City", and "the Civilized and Creditable Corporation of ZiBo City". In January, 2007, Bozhong was evaluated as “Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relationship” by the trade union of Zhangdian District. On Aug.16, 2007, the trade mark of ‘Bozhong and Picture’ became the famous brand in Shandong province, China. In 2008, Bozhong was awarded "Provincial Contract-obeying & Creditable Enterprises” by Shandong Province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the glorious title "Enterprise with Good Faith" by Zibo City Government. In 2009, Bozhong was awarded "Zibo Municipal Labor Relationship Harmonious Enterprise" and "the City's Grass Roots Trade Union" by the Zibo City Federation of Trade Unions. In January of 2011, Bozhong was awarded “Enterprise Caring about Workers" glorious title by the City’s Federation of Trade Unions; and the glorious title “Worker Congress’s Advanced Star Unit" by the City Federation of Trade Unions. In April of 2011, Bozhong was awarded "the Revitalization of Zibo Labor Certificate of Merit” by Zibo City Federation of Trade Unions. In September of 2011, the company was successfully listed in Qilu Equity Trusteeship Trading Center.

Since the company was set up, it follows the management concept of putting the quality of the product firstly and developing with faith and credit, pays attention to the brand cultivating of "BoZhong", implements the brand strategy of molding the BoZhong Brand, achieving the excellent future and fends to make the BoZhong brand well known in the world. At present, the products of brand "BoZhong" have been sold to 32 provinces in China and many other countries, such as, the United States of American, Brazil, Sudan, North Korea. South Korea, Thailand etc.

The marketing orientation of "BoZhong Vacuum" is not seeking the full scope but fending to be professional and super-excellent.

The main products of Bozhong Company are 2BV, 2BE series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors, JZJ or 2BW series vacuum package units. Among them, the 2BV, 2BE1, 2BE3 series water ring pumps are used the advanced technology. Their inner structure is the same as the imported products. So their performance is as good as the imported pumps.

The quality aim of our company is to produce the excellent products possessing the performance of the imported product but with the domestic price to repay all the clients. We hope to build a friendship bridge between all the clients and us. Our general manager and all the staff welcome all of the new and familiar clients to contact with us by phone, fax, or letter.