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Enterprise culture

  ◆ The corporate vision: to be the leader in the industry

  ◆ The enterprise mission: for profitability of customers, for the benefit of employees; responsible for the society

  ◆ Business purposes: create a corporate with sense of security for employees; create a corporate with sense of dependency for customers; create a corporate with good reputation for the community; advocate the philosophy of happy working and life.

  ◆ The positioning of the enterprise: build a corporate with a hundred years of history

  ◆ The enterprise spirit: integrity, pragmatic, rigorous and efficient.

  ◆ The concept of talent: outstanding employees are the most valuable wealth of Bozhong.

  ◆ Operation culture: scientific management, standardized production, quality first, customer satisfaction, giving priority to prevention, safety and environmental protection, law-abiding, continuous improvement.